Not that I can afford anything Dolce and Gabbana, but if I could, I would be boycotting them. I can understand the outrage of Elton John after watching this video.

This may come off as a full on rant, but seriously. How dare they? 

Sure, IVF has a long time joke of the “test tube baby,” but what child of IVF is synthetic? IVF and surrogacy gives the joy of parenthood to so many deserving people. Not one of those babies is chemical. IVF and surrogate babies are brought into this world the same way as “natural” babies. Sperm and egg.

Sir Elton tweets- “How dare you refer to my beautiful children as “synthetic”. And shame on you for wagging your judgemental little fingers at IVF – a miracle that has allowed legions of loving people, both straight and gay, to fulfil their dream of having children. Your archaic thinking is out of step with the times, just like your fashions. I shall never wear Dolce and Gabbana ever again. #BoycottDolceGabbana” 

Among Elton John, Courtney Love and Perez Hilton have both tweeted that they are also boycotting the company.

Good for them.

Check out this article on NPR



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